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                                                  Welcome to the official website of Guangdong Foshan Tonon Building Materials co.,LTD !

                                                  Strong alliance

                                                  Our Polycarbonate sheet made of 100% virgin materials with anti UV coating.Production process in line with ISO quality management system

                                                  Trust comes from quality

                                                  The company always regarde product quality as the life of the company and reputation as the cornerstone.Always adhere to the principle of quality first,adhering to the concept of service first

                                                  Independent factory,Strong technology

                                                  Tonon Company is a high-tech enterprise integranting science.industry and trade together,with advanced equipment and leading technology.Annual production capacity of 10,000 tons or more

                                                  True factory direct sales,one-stop
                                                  roofing material supplier

                                                  The Tonon has rich products line,stable quality,Cost-effective and guaranteed after-sales service.